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14K Gold (Nickel free) Yellow Diamond Nose Bone


14K Gold Labret with Turquoise ball


14K real gold (Nickel free) internally threaded curved barbell with clear CZ gems


14K real gold belly ring with small Alexandrite teardrop


14K real gold belly ring with triple dangling round Imitation lavender


14K real gold segment ring with gem


14K Real Gold Straight Barbell, 14 Ga


14K real gold twister barbell with Green opal balls , 14ga


14K real gold twister barbell, 14ga


316L Stainless 2 Tone Double Layered Ring with Blue IP Spinning Center


316L Stainless Steel 2 Tone Ring with Grooved gold Center with 3 clear CZs


5-piece tongue piercing starter kit, 14 or 12 gauge


7-piece lip (labret) or monroe piercing starter kit, 14 or 16 gauge


Acrylic viking ball titanium circular barbell, 12 ga


Belly button ring with hollow jeweled playboy bunny


Belly button ring with silicone koosh ball, spiral pattern


Belly ring with dangling locked hand cuffs


Belly ring with dangling pink peace sign


Black alloy fancy cross pendant


Captive bead ring with multicolor 4-section ball, 14 ga


Cube spiral barbell, 14 ga


Curved barbell with acrylic checkered balls, 14 ga


Double Hoop Dangling Belly Ring


Double jeweled black coated diamond shaped belly ring


Flower cone twisted barbell, 12 ga


Flower of gems belly button ring with jeweled ring


Gold Tone fake plug with chinese "LOVE" symbol, 16 ga


Gold Tone twister barbell with CZ gem, 16 ga


Internally Threaded Titanium Star Dermal Top, 14GA, 4MM, black


Jeweled belly button ring with dangling teardrop gem


Navel ring with dangling jeweled heart lock and key


Navel Ring With Dangling Jeweled Scorpio Sign


Red flower belly ring with dangling jeweled flower


Reversed belly ring with large stones


Surgical Steel 316L Basic Ring


Surgical Steel Nose Bone Pearl Coated Ball



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